Do you need an entire site clearance?

To start any new building works it’s important to have the right ground preparation. At Jim Wise Demolition we offer site clearance services nationwide. Site clearance is also required where existing buildings are beyond repair to make room for new modern ones. We provide an all-inclusive clearance for your site so that it is ready for new buildings or establishments, and there are no subtle structures, such as the foundations, are left behind.

We have all the demolition equipment to remove all unwanted buildings and structures so that we can clear the area thoroughly. This will then be ready for any landscaping or new building work to commence. With skip wagons and a salvage yard, we’ll also ensure that no rubbish gets left behind and we’ll recycle at every possible opportunity. We do our utmost to make certain that every recyclable item we come across during the clearance is sent to the correct recycling site.

Once we’ve removed old buildings and structures we’ll ensure that materials you can’t see are removed too

  • Bund walls
  • Plinths
  • Ground floor slabs
  • Foundations
  • Sub structures
  • Tree stumps and root balls
Skip wagon hire

We operate a skip wagon fleet and are licensed to carry waste away from your site. To reduce the number of materials going to landfill sites, we will reclaim materials wherever possible, to be recycled or resold at our reclamation yard in Stoke-on-Trent. The waste is always gotten rid of in a way that does not provoke hazards, so you can be assured the site is entirely safe after clearance.

All of our vehicles come with experienced and qualified operators trained in all aspects of health and safety. At Jim Wise we only allow the highly trained individuals to operate the machinery and vehicles within the stripping removal. Our operators have the awareness and apprehension to carry out all checks and work efficiently, with years of experience of working for Jim Wise.