Unit B, Meteor Retail Park

Location: Meteor Retail Park Derby (Key Property Solutions, Part of Bowmer and Kirkland Group)


Duration: 11 Days



Descriptions: Full strip out of Two Units back to shell and removal of external canopies.

Methodology: We were tasked to strip two former retail units back to shell for the redevelopment and extension to the retail unit. Operatives removed general fixtures and fittings  including internal partitions, M and E, block offices, suspended ceilings and grids. We used two excavators fitted with rotating grabs to safely remove and process waste materials. Scissor lifts where used for high levels and roof works.
The removal of the floor coverings and glue where removed with a specialist tile remover back to the original floor slab.

Externally we removed a steel glazed canopy using the excavator and grab, special care was taken due to the retail park being operational. external walls and roof sheets where removed for extensions to the front and rear to the unit.


We were given 5weeks 3days to complete the works, much to the satisfaction to our client we completed the works in just 11 days,  putting the overall tight programme well in front.

Former BHS, Burton On Trent

Location: Former BHS, Burton On Trent (Key Property Solutions, Part of Bowmer and Kirkland)


Duration: 8 Weeks


Descriptions: Full strip out of a former BHS and removal of external canopies.



Methodology: firstly, operatives removed all general waste from the former store. They were then split into teams, with one team removing block walls to allow access for plant, whilst the other team removed the ceiling tiles, grid and redundant M&E. An excavator fitted with a specialist fume filter, proceeded to demolish the back of house; office, kitchenette and toilets.
The removal of the floor slabs was completed using floor chisels; the remaining screed was then grinded down using a diamond bladed walk along grinder, back to the original concrete slab.
Due to the shopping centre being live the removal of the external canopies and external brick work was completed during night shifts. We used a rubber tracked excavator, fitted with a shear to remove the steel canopies; the external brickwork was removed by hand using a scissorlift.

Full Demolition - Parkside, Coventry

Location: Parkside, Coventry

Duration: 8 Weeks

Descriptions: Demolition to a former factory/office building, to make way for an 11 storey student accommodation block.


Methodology: The former factory was initially stripped of all general waste materials (e.g. stud walling’s, floors and fixtures & fittings) back to its original shell.
Due to a neighbouring university building, a special designed scaffold was erected that counter levered over the adjacent property in order to prevent any structural damage. This enabled the building’s roof and three storey elevations to be reduced by hand to a mechanical height.
An excavator fitted with a hydraulic shear and selector grab carefully dismantled the remainder of the building down to slab level. Operatives then used hand held breakers from a scissor lift to reduce a full brick party wall by hand, taking into consideration the adjoining live building – keeping noise and dust levels to a minimum.
Working alongside an archaeological survey team, we carefully removed slab foundations to the existing building and cellar. We then excavated inspection trenches under the supervision of the team in order for an historical investigation to be carried out.
The remaining hardcore was left on site to be crushed to 6f2 in order to create a piling mat for the incoming construction contractor.

McCarthy and Stone

Location: Middlewich road, Sandbach Cheshire

Time: 3weeks

Description: Full strip out and demolition of two former offices, to make for a new state of the art retirement home.

Methodology: The former offices where initially stripped of all general waste; including desks, filing cabinets and two x three storey lifts, complete with the lift shafts.
We then proceeded to strip back the building to its entirety, by taking off the roof and removing all wood and plasterboard studding. Leaving us with the original brick shell.
The two large buildings were then demolished within three days. all slabs and foundations were removed along with the existing tarmac - formerly the car park. We finally tidied and levelled the site, all hardcore was recycled for reuse as 6F2 crush.